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We hope this page will answer all the questions you may have about Yakgona Multipurpose Cleaner, if you still have a question or if something is unclear, please feel free to contact us directly. You can find our contact details on the contact page.

YAKGONA is a Sepedi word that means “IT CAN” YAKGONA multipurpose cleaner can remove all the toughest stain on all surfaces.

You have to be an active reseller buying at least 10 boxes a month, you will then be eligible for Distributors’ nomination and be qualified to register when our applications open in January.

Dilution: for hard surfaces or tough stains use 20ml of YAKGONA in 1liter of clean water. For light duty stains use 10ml of YAKGONA in 1liter of clean water.
Put your spray bottle into stream mode, every stream = 1ml, this means if you need 20ml you spray 20x if you need 10ml you spray 10x.
For extremely tough stains use YAKGONA undiluted e.g sticky greasy ovens etc.
To get effective results see back of product for direction on how to use YAKGONA.

Yes, YAKGONA is a household cleaning detergent that is safe to use everywhere in the house, it is tested and approved and meets the standards of the SABS.

No YAKGONA does not have after affects, however for sensitive skin you are advised to wear protective gloves.

No, YAKGONA does not contain any bleaching agent.

Yes you can use YAKGONA to wash cars, car seats, car roofs, carpets and car engines etc.

YAKGONA is only available in 750mls blue spray bottles at R100.00 each.
Stock prices start at 12 units for R650.00 including delivery.

Recommended selling price nationally is R100.00
Stock price per bottle is R44.17
Profit per bottle is R55.83

Delivery takes 3-5 days nationwide collection is also allowed

We are located in Boksburg, Unit 4 10 Covora street Jet Park.
We also have registered distributors nationwide.